Sunday, March 11, 2007

Run Own Your Own DVD movie rental site

iLetYou was founded by two Internet veterans, Rodger Visitacion and Vaibhav Domukundwar, in early 2006 with the vision of opening rental boundaries everywhere. The founders have founded several well-known e-commerce, Web 2.0 and applications companies in their past lives.

You can currently rent DVDs or video games on iLetYou. Whether it's big budget blockbusters, independent films, bestselling games or your own independently produced material, we welcome you to list your items for rent. You can choose from our wide catalog or create your own (subject to review).

iLetYou takes a small percentage of every sale, but gives stores the vast majority of the revenue to make their stores work for them. These fees per rental are as little as $0.40 per rental - and for this, stores get a robust platform including payment processing that allows stores to focus solely on stocking great products.

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