Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Segala strives to be a VeriSign equivalent in the field of selling Certificates

Segala is a Dublin based company helping organisations to ensure their Web sites are accessible to as many potential users across as many devices as possible.

Segala strives to be a VeriSign equivalent in the field of selling Certificates, enabling trust on the Web for compliance with standards, best practices and codes of conduct.
Key facts (15)

1. Founded in 2002. HQ in Dublin, Ireland
2. Independent and Privately Owned
3. 100% of work has come from referral
4. Generated revenues of €2.2m in year 1, profitable within months
5. First Certificate Authority worldwide to provide a Trustmark system using Content Labels
6. First Certificate Authority to provide Web accessibility certification to the global market
7. First testing and standards compliance specialist worldwide to become an Associate Member of the GSM Association
8. One of the first to test the majority of mobile data products on the market
9. First Web accessibility specialist to resell online certificates through a partner network
10. Founding Sponsor of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative (MWI)
11. Co-editor of the W3C MWI ‘mobileOK‘ trustmarks with Google and ICRA
12. Active contributor to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0
13. Active contributor to the W3C WAI Evaluations and Repair Tools (ERT) Working Group
14. Instrumental in the formation of the W3C Content Label Incubator Group (WCL-XG), a worldwide initiative to develop content labelling standards for the Web

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