Saturday, March 24, 2007

Taggound is a social search engine mashup.

Taggound is a social search engine mashup. What does that mean? Tagground searches various social web applications (ex. yahoo my web 2.0,, raw sugar, reddit, Digg etc) repositories to retrieve relational data (ie tags, urls) that other users have associated to your search text.

So why would I want to use Tagground?
Well, there are lots but here are a few...
1. You enjoy finding new and interesting things on the web. (That's what Tagground is best at.)
2. You are looking for a new way to search content on the web.
3. Your a metadata geek and just love clicking around finding out how people define web content.
4. You have your own site(s), or favorite site(s) and you want to know what web content people around the world are associating to it.
5. You run your own website and want to find out how people are tagging your web content.
6. You are interested in finding out how people are tagging your competitor's web content.
7. You work in the marketing department and are looking for places to advertise your product. By using tagground you can find sites that people are tagging with the same tags they are associating to your product/site.

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