Thursday, March 15, 2007

Talk to your IM buddies without the need for any software on your phone or PC

Talkster is the only service that lets you talk to your Instant Messenger buddies on MSN, Google Talk and Gizmo Project – without the need for any software on your phone or PC, special devices, networks or data plans from your carrier.

An ordinary mobile phone with a browser will work. Don't have a mobile phone with a browser? Talkster can still work for you, but you will have to be at a PC to set up the call. You can find out more information about this in the Getting Started section.

There are only 2 steps to make a call to your buddies or any telephone number using Talkster.

1. Choose the person with whom you want to speak. This can be a buddy from your buddy list or a telephone number for one of your contacts.

Once you have chosen where to call, Talkster sends a signal off to the Talkster VoIP network to initiate the call.

2. Depending on your settings, Talkster either triggers your phone to call in to one of our local access gateways, or calls you back on your phone.

Once your call is connected over the standard cellular voice network to our gateway, your contact's phone or instant messenger client will ring on the other end and you are talking – just like you would in a regular phone call.

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