Sunday, April 22, 2007

First online communication tool designed specifically for neighborhoods and their residents.

eNeighbors is best explained as a combination of Facebook (private), Blogger (news posting), Evite (social events), Meetup (groups), and finally Craigslist (classifieds). eNeighbors is specifically designed for neighborhoods or other hyper-local residential communities that are self managed or are managed by a homeowners association.

eNeighbors allows neighborhoods to setup private social networks through our unique PIN registration process that has proven to get the majority of the residents registered and actively using the site.

eNeighbors has created a web-based communication tool that replaces newsletters, and paper directories while also offering the latest in online social network features including the following:

* A unique sign-up process that gets the majority of your neighborhood online
* Up-to-date news and automatically generated weekly eNewsletters
* Automated online social event registration
* The ability to create and join neighborhood social groups
* Access to classified ads and the ability to post your own instantly
* Architectural review and board of director contact forms
* Real-time content updates
* Online resident directory

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