Sunday, April 1, 2007

One World, Many Answers.

Quibblo is also about people who are similar to you and about people who are totally different. It is about friends and strangers and content and knowledge. It is a place for you to create and interact with quizzes, polls, surveys and content around the topics that are of interest to you. Test your trivia knowledge, survey your fellow web surfers for their opinions or quiz your friends to see how well they really know you.

With Quibblo you can:
Create a quiz, poll or survey on any topic that you choose.
Browse through an ever expanding world of content and take a quizzes, polls and surveys created by other members.
Review quiz, poll, and survey results to see how different segments of people responded.
Rate and comment on quizzes, polls and surveys.
Add quizzes, polls, and surveys to your website or social network profile.
Display quiz, poll, and survey results on your website or social network profile.
Find and connect with other people like you or different people.

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