Thursday, May 17, 2007

Free protection from stolen and fake goods.

With stolenBay, You can...
  • Save the Serial # of the ipod you gave your niece as gift last holiday.
  • Upload and store image copies of the receipt for free.
  • Access the information from anywhere, even at the apple store or repair center.
  • In the event the ipod ever get lost or stolen, rest assured, that our system makes it harder to sell it online.
  • Win cash and free shopping rewards, if you re notifying us of stolen items lead to the apprehending of certain wanted criminals.
  • Verify on the spot in flea market or pawn shop, using your mobile device if an item is stolen or not.
  • Help reduce shoplifting and burglary.
  • Avoid buying items stolen from shops and sold as "factory sealed" and "never opened".
  • You can make a difference; if they can't sell it they won't steal it.

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