Friday, July 27, 2007

RSS Mixer all feeds lead to one

With RSS Mixer all feeds lead to one
Life without feeds would be one of sifting through thousands of endless stories and visiting website after website for content. Thanks to RSS, our lives have been ever so simplified.

OPML has been the typical approach to combining all RSS feeds into a single file that can be exported and imported into any feed reader. Then along comes RSS Mixer. This online tool lets users combine all favorite feeds into one. The drawback to using this is that you cannot simply upload an OPML file, you have to add multiple feeds. But if you have a few feeds that you wanted to follow no matter where you are, like via a mobile device like an iPhone or a widget embedded in your iGoogle homepage, this is a cool way to go. Users start off by giving a title to their 'Mix', then adding feed URL's into the Mix. When RSS Mixer is complete, users get the option to link to the mix, create an Apple Dashboard widget, create a Web Widget, get an RSS feed for the combined feeds, and launch an iPhone version of the mix.

It's a pretty impressive way to easily mix up RSS feeds, and stay on top of them no matter where you are. Our only wish, give us the chance to upload an OPML file.

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