Wednesday, October 31, 2007

See, hear, plan, blog and live the nightlife

PMbuzz was built for the nightlife community. Its where the out late crowd mixes it up with clubs,
DJs, promoters and entertainers. Get the word (pictures, music and video) on the street from the people
making the scene.

Join your favorite clubs crowd (sort of a friends list for clubs) to get notified of events as
theyre listed. Use your calendar to find out which of your friends is planning to be there. Blast a
message out to your crew to let them know where to meet and when.

Get listed with the premiere spinners on the scene. Through your PMbuzz page you can build a fan
base, connect with fans one on one, and let people hear your latest mixes. Fan can track you from gig to
gig through your calendar, following you across town and bringing their friends to hear you do your

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