Monday, February 5, 2007

CTI helps poor families process their harvested crops into nutritious food

CTI helps poor families process their harvested crops into nutritious food. We have developed several solutions to common processing challenges. Sometimes all that is needed is to protect the crop from pests or to dry the crop to extend its storage life. In other situations it may be necessary to disinfect water or to peel and slice the crops. In all cases our goal is to help people in developing countries make safe food and water, perhaps even more than their families need, so they can sell the excess in the local market.

CTI do this by

* Identifying a situation, usually in a developing country, where people need help making food or treating water,
* Finding appropriate food processing methods to use in that culture,
* Assessing the feasibility of selected methods in the economy and culture of the developing country,
* Selecting or designing simple devices needed to alleviate the most burdensome work or to safely store the food,
* Providing the training to ensure that that people know how to make safe, nutritious food,
* Monitoring the project to troubleshoot problems and measure outcomes.

Our goal is to select appropriate technologies that are safe, affordable, respect the environment, require little or no fuel and electricity, and are compatible with the culture of the users. Most of our technologies are sized for small villages, extended families, coops, or very small commercial users.

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