Sunday, February 4, 2007

GROU.PS allows you to create sharing platforms

GROU.PS allows you to create sharing platforms(just like web sites) for your social groups (alumni, colleagues, friends, communities etc)

You can share anything (to name a few; photos, communications, locations, bookmarks, tubes, files, blog entries (diaries), to-do lists, calendars)

While doing this, you don't have to spend extra efforts to share.. You just specify your favourite service providers (like Flickr for photos, or for bookmarks), then we handle the rest; fetch and your data, re-format and make it online.

GROU.PS can seamlessly integrate with your mobile devices..
Stay in touch with your group via SMS, email and online chat...

GROU.PS may be considered as an improved version of services like Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups.


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