Monday, February 12, 2007

HubPages : a personal webpage, written and designed by you.

HubPage is your personal webpage, written and designed by you, with lots of help from us. It's your Hub. Use it to share your passions with the world, whatever they might be. We've seen product reviews, travel guides, and how-to Hubs; Hubs about celebrity gossip, local politics, and bible study; Hubs used to promote businesses, brag about grandchildren and conquer the world of rock and roll. We've yet to see a Hub about conspiracy theories on the set of 80s comedy "Three Men And A Baby," or one about the cowboy poetry of Elmer Fudd, but we're sure they'll come along soon. The only limit is your imagination.

Making a hub is so easy, we can describe the process in just five steps.

* Step 1: Create an account. This takes about a minute.
* Step 2: Pick a title, and maybe some tags to describe the Hub.
* Step 3: Add some Content Capsules (text, photos, products, comments, etc.).
* Step 4: Publish your hub.
* Step 5: Fix yourself a lemonade, friend. You're done!

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Anonymous said...

The concept is similar to that of oondi ( except that oondi will pay out 100% of the advertisement profits to the authors. Their hosting costs are covered by clicks which occur on non-author owned pages like the index but I suppose it's basically a non-profit organization similar to Wikipedia rather than a commercial one like HubPages or Squidoo.