Saturday, February 10, 2007

ImThere : a user-driven event site that integrates mobile devices.

ImThere, a Ramped Media project, is a user-driven event site that heavily integrates mobile devices.

For users, ImThere makes discovering new venues, artists, events, and friends easier than ever. Whether they’re at home on their computer or on the town using their mobile phone, ImThere is the best way to find something to do. Based on a user’s location and interests, ImThere adapts itself to display relevant content that they will truly care about. With ImThere’s social networking abilities, staying in the loop with friends is no longer a problem. From planning an evening to recommending new venues and artists, ImThere allows users to interact with their friends online in new and truly useful ways.

For venue owners and artists, ImThere is a powerful way to get noticed. Since ImThere makes it simple for users to discover new venues and artists based on their interests, venue owners and artists will gain new customers and fans just by being part of ImThere. It’s easy for venue owners and artists to use ImThere. Simply create a listing, submit pictures, and add upcoming events. Once their page is created, users will be able to interact by posting reviews and pictures of the venue or artist. Never before has this one-to-one communication been so efficient with customers and fans.

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