Tuesday, February 6, 2007

LinkedCampus helps campus-focused businesses connect with their customers by text messaging.

LinkedCampus is all about grasping the vast base of mobile phone users located on college campuses. In the past, local businesses were stuck relying on slower, less effective advertising methods such as billboards, newspaper ads, flyers, etc...

With LinkedCampus, local businesses are now able to reach their customer's mobile phones using a self-service platform. Anyone from local pizza shops to college professors can use LinkedCampus to get their message out instantly and effectively.

LinkedCampus helps campus-focused businesses connect with their most valuable customers by harnessing the power of text messaging. We offer a web-based marketing tool that allows organizations to reach college students like never before. Gone are the days of ineffective email and flyers posted on bulletin boards; LinkedCampus allows local businesses the ability to impact college communities instantly and effectively.

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