Saturday, February 10, 2007

MomJunction: A Social Networking for Moms

MomJunction is a full featured online life tool that simplifies daily life coordination and information gathering for busy moms. MomJunction allows moms to connect select elements of their lives with other moms that they know and trust creating a powerful stream of personalized knowledge.

MomJunction does this in three ways:

1. MJ offers the only full featured tool set and personal mini site for moms to coordinate their busy lives, including calendaring, organization and sharing of photos and videos
2. MJ allows moms to communicate through personal and public groups, so that information, ideas and knowledge can be shared safely and easily
3. MJ has created a unique process called Ripple, that connects moms across groups to her extended network: friends of friends and so on. Through Ripple, moms can seek out or share information comfortably with people they know and trust, but also benefit from the knowledge of potentially millions of moms.

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