Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tree-Nation is a project aiming to get 8 million trees planted in the shape of a heart in the Sahara

Tree-Nation is a project aiming to get 8 million trees planted in the shape of a heart in the Sahara - yes you heard that right. This sounds like a colossal process, but is inherently feasible… via the web of course. You can join and buy a tree for as little as 10 Euros. By planting your tree, you can help combat desertification and regenerate the productivity of the land. This in turn will have a major impact on the livelihoods of the poor in the region.

Positive effects on the environment

- Helping the soil to re-regenerate itself
- Creating a root system which allows the water to surface
- Increasing land's productivity
- Encouraging agricultural forestry
- Off-setting CO2 levels
- Counteract the Global Warming
- Counteract Deforestation

Positive effects on the local communities

- Fighting poverty, 'desertification is potentially the most threatening climate change impacting livelihoods of the poor...combating desertification can therefore contribute significantly to a reduction in global poverty.' 12/07/2006 - UNCCD
- Fruits, medicine, alimentation and gum production for local communities
- Alimentation for animals
- Park as a meeting point and shelter
- Encouraging more education and efficient farming practices in local communities
- Centre for agro-forestry research and development

How does it work?

Stage 1:
the trees will be planted in local nurseries for the initial period until they reach a suitable point of growth to be planted in the park. This varies depending on the type of tree that you choose.
Stage 2:
your tree will be planted in the park location that you have virtually selected where it will receive continual care and maintenance.
Stage 3:
our local experts will nurture the tree (providing water and nutrients but no chemical fertilizers) on a regular basis using agro-forestry techniques in order to maintain its condition.
Stage 4:
our local experts will manage the harvesting of the fruits and medicines that the tree provides.
Stage 5:
your tree grows happily and the local community benefit from its produce (gum, fruits, alimentation, medicines, etc)
Stage 6:
finally, a hug a day and the tree will grow! You will be able to follow its progress through photos and through the hi-tech facilities on our website.

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