Monday, February 5, 2007

What if you had advertising that your readers actually wanted to click on?

That's exactly what they'll get when you use bloglinkr...because all of the advertisers on bloglinkr are other blogs. You select the categories that you want your readers to see, and instead of content-less sales pitches and discounted products, your readers will see links to blogs in the categories you've selected ...and you'll get paid for each click. You'll even get paid when people click ads on blogs that you've referred to bloglinkr.

You'll get more click-throughs with bloglinkr because your readers will actually be interested in the content you want them to click on.

What if you could advertise your blog, increase your backlinks, raise your search engine position, and generate more traffic to your site at a price any blogger can afford?

We're keeping bloglinkr ads cheap. That way you can get started on a minimal budget, and continue to market your blog month after month without having to have venture capital funding to make it happen. You'll get more click-throughs and backlinks for your money with bloglinkr. Get started with as little as $25 and recieve hundreds of backlinks, clicks and visitors every month.

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