Tuesday, February 13, 2007

you can create and distribute coupons with ZiXXo

ZiXXo provides the most cost-effective advertising available, bar none. And unlike every other form of advertising, you receive immediate feedback on their effectiveness through their redemption. Best of all, you can create and distribute coupons!

Regardless of the business you are in, and your business objectives, you can use a coupon to achieve these objectives. What are your objectives? Promote new items, drive business during slow times, reward long-time customers, bring in new customers - the list goes on and on. Whatever your business objective is, we can help you create a winning coupon that achieves that objective.

Once you create a coupon in ZiXXo, or upload an existing coupon, you’ll start getting feedback on how effective it is through redemption, click-through reporting and user-generated ratings. This enables you to fine-tune your promotion to maximize sales. No other type of advertising offers this level of insight into its effectiveness.

With ZiXXo, even the smallest local business can compete with the major national companies on an even playing field.

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