Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A city-guide with a social-networking twist.

Vibely is a place where you can explore the world around you through the eyes of your friends and others just like you! You can see what others have said about a certain place, view pictures taken there, and even organize an outing with your friends to check it out. Basically, Vibely is what users make of it; a city-guide with a social-networking twist. they're just here to make socializing that much easier and exciting for everyone!

Vibely is a community where every voice is heard. Here, you can express your opinions about a venue, tag your favorite places in town, or share your schedule with friends. It's a place where you can take socializing to the next level and if you happen to see the need for more, let us know what you have in mind and we will do our best to make it happen. After all, Vibely is for everyone, made by everyone.

You use Vibely to share location-based information. You can share your experiences about a place by posting a jot, uploading pictures, or ranking a place through the vibe meter.
- You can use other people's vibes as a streetguide to show you where to go and where not to go.
- You can also use Vibely as a place to socialize, spread the word about an event, or organize an outing with friends.
- Basically, you can use Vibely however your heart desires, as long as it's fun and legal.

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