Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Turn your mobile phone into a social weapon.

Mobile FakerTM is designed to help consumers navigate the competitive social scene with ease. Ever been at a bar and needed to look busy because some loser is giving you the eye? Schedule a Faux Call and your handset will rescue you.

Desperate for conversation topics for the wine tasting you were guilted into attending? Get Hip Quick can help you out. Someone asked for your number, and you're afraid to tell the person you've been flirting with for two hours that you're married? Give her a Faux Number. Coming to work late, need to fake a conference call so your boss doesn't give you the old stink-eye? Faux Calls to the rescue. Afraid to answer your cool co-worker's query about what you're listening to, because you have an old Thompson Twins CD on repeat mode? Faker can help. And lots, lots more. But we're droning on.

Mobile Faker is available as a JME application on Sprint Nextel under the Applications > Entertainment menu on the handset, with support for more carriers and platforms coming soon.

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