Saturday, March 31, 2007

Free and easy online service for groups.

Nexo is a free and easy online service for groups that facilitates formal and informal group communication and collaboration. is the first and only solution to bring together all that groups need in one free, easy and secure service - a full-featured, collaborative website, email integration, real-time communications and social networking - to let groups interact naturally and cohesively.

Nexo can help you and your peers communicate and collaborate better. Nexo brings communities of all types closer together, whether they are school groups, sports teams, families, project teams, event planners, neighborhood associations, religious communities, book clubs, alumni groups, or other communities.

Easy! Click on Sign Up and enter a User Name, Password and Email Address. Your personal URL is based on your user name ( and can not be changed. Your display name, email address and password can all be changed later (see Profile or Account Settings).

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