Friday, March 30, 2007

Maximize contextual linking between websites across the web.™ is a new approach to contextually organize the information on the web. Through its innovative contextual platform it provides web publishers with a unique way to do grammatical, meaningful and contextual hyper-linking of words, phrases and whole sentences within their content. Doing contextual hyper-linked words across millions of web pages, documents and content areas we help common users contextually find the information they look for at the right time and place, just on demand.™ is unique concept built upon an innovative and intuitively WEB 2.0 functional yet powerful web-based contextual platform. It helps both sides of the web -- the common users find and the publishers manage the information on the web easier and simpler on a contextual basis. The platform is community driven, expandable on demand, ever evolving huge directory tree-like architecture where anyone can create unlimited number of contextual listings, suggest and immediately create main categories, sub-categories and as many words-, phrases- and sentences-based pages as necessary, dynamically change the position of listings by voting, all this in real time, yet monitored by hundreds of experienced content editors.

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