Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Social network built upon online databases of opinions, ratings, and reviews

RateItAll is an online community and social network built upon one of the most extensive and diverse online databases of opinions, ratings, and reviews in the world. Participating members of RateItAll can earn cash for various activities on the site.

RateItAll is a pioneer in the area of consumer-shared content. You can use this Web site to connect with people who share similar interests, build trusted networks of reviewers, and find, share, or solicit opinions on virtually anything - for example, consumer products, celebrities, politics, travel destinations, sports, local businesses, and much more.

RateItAll members also get access to RateItAll's free WebLister tool that allows users to create, promote, and publish their own interactive ratings lists. WebLister gives registered RateItAll users the ability to create and manage structured, contextual discussions around virtually any topic.

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