Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Super easy and quick site-building tool.

Freewebs is a Web site creation and hosting service that served more than 17 million registered users. Besides hosting photos, blogs, and user profiles, they've also got a group of customizable widgets that can be added to any site or social networking profile. Freewebs rolled out a widget that lets you host your own discussion right on the page, complete with admin controls that can be accessed without having to go off site. In fact, users can register, reply, and browse through threads without ever leaving the widget.

Freewebs covered quite a few ways to add chat or discussion to blogs and Web sites. While the Freewebs forums widget isn't instantly dynamic like Planet Minibox, it will still show new topics, threads, and responses wherever you've put it, even in multiple places, which is really neat.

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