Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Best Stories, The Biggest Fans.

Ballhype stories come from two sources — users and the Ballhype content engine. Ballhype tracks 1678 sports blogs, then analyzes each post for relevance and influence. Users can also submit a link to a story that they've found or write their own article on Ballhype.

There are two ways to submit stories on Ballhype. First, from the Hot Topics or Latest Posts pages, you can click on the orange up arrow to share that post with other users. Second, if you've read a story on another web site that you want to share on Ballhype, click on the Submit a Story button, choose the relevant sport, and click Share URL. Paste a copy of the URL of the article. If it's already been submitted as a story, you'll be taken to that story page on Ballhype to comment on or hype up.

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