Thursday, April 12, 2007

Clicky is not Just Another Web Analyzer.

Clicky is not Just Another Web Analyzer. Existing analytic solutions provide a decent overall view of activity on your web site, but what if you wanted details on each and every visitor, to see where they came from, what pages they looked at, and how long they stuck around? That's where Clicky comes in. We provide you with a very unique view of your visitors, and we even let you access all this detailed information via RSS. No other analytics service does that.

By including just 2 lines of HTML code on your web site, juicy tidbits of information about every click by every visitor to your site are sent back to Clicky and logged to your account. This information includes the visitor's IP address, geolocation, web browser, operating system, URL and page title, the date and time, and the referer (where they came from, e.g., Google). If a visitor comes from a search engine, we extract their search query so you can easily see visitor's searches up front. (Most engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask, Live, and others are supported). Clicky even works with visitors who have javascript disabled, although to a more limited degree. For example, we can't access the referer information.

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