Monday, April 9, 2007

Free video clips and sharing photos with friends. is one of the largest video and photo sharing sites with millions of viewers every month. We launched about two months ago. is well self-capitalized company in korea and is tarketing world market like india, the united states , Europe in the near future.

Here're's features:

* their are great partners like youtube , metacafe, veoh , break ,soapbox ...etc
* Add videos and create the own video series with other users .
* upload photos and create photo series(upcoming).
* Make Money up to $ 5,500 per every month if users' videos and photos
are judged as the most popular by ganges USERS .
* Make Money up to $ 40,000 at the end of the year .
* Sending e-cards to friends .
* Customizing photos and sending.
* Blogging
* Social networking
* Profile Tracking
* adversite their homepages and blogs.
* Get a free T-shirts.
* Top Grand Prizes

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