Thursday, April 12, 2007

Social networking site dedicated to all things green.

RiverWired is the one place online for you and your friends to find more. More inspiration. More knowledge. More fun. Whether you want to find the perfect hybrid vehicle or simple, practical ideas for your greener lifestyle, they've got best of the web information and community for you. Maybe you're curious to hear how other people make green choices in their daily lives, or you'd like to join the conversation and blog about your eco experiences. If it's friendship you're looking for, why not make a friend who shares your interest in getting more out of living a greener life?.

Here are the basics: RiverWired is a content and social networking site dedicated to all things green. RiverWired makes finding information, making friends and posting content easy, fun and rewarding. they search article, blog, audio and video material on sustainability and green living from all over the web and give you the most relevant items in easy-to-find format. they provide you with forums to post videos and pictures, join a blog discussion, invite friends and colleagues and create a group or club.

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