Sunday, April 8, 2007

Fresh new take on the “Internet communities” concept.

iGrOOps™ is a fresh new take on the “Internet communities” concept. It’s a web-based information sharing, communication, collaboration, and marketing tool for groups (or "groops") of any size. iGrOOps™ is ideal for local communities, large and small businesses, friends and families, non-profits and everyone in between.

iGrOOps™ is...

* focused on providing members with useful, web-based applications that enhance groop communication, increase groop productivity, and assist in a groops marketing efforts
* a professional pay-per-membership service which results in quality applications, service, and no advertisements!
* an opportunity for individuals and/or teams to earn a living by providing people with quality content
* a permission-based community, meaning you can choose who gets what kind of access to your information

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