Monday, April 9, 2007

new version of BlogAfrica is to be an unedited aggregator.

BlogAfrica is going through a transition from being hosted by to becoming part of Global Voices. In the process of the change, the site was down for the better part of a week - we're now rebuilding it on a temporary server, before integrating the site with Global Voices. It's likely that BlogAfrica will be in this temporary home for a few months as the Global Voices folks figure out the best way to accomodate the BlogAfrica community.

The new version of BlogAfrica is going to be an unedited aggregator. What this means is that anything posted to any of the blogs in the aggregator will end up on the main page of BlogAfrica and in the RSS feed BlogAfrica offers as output. If you're interested in what people are saying in Africa, the diaspora and the Afrophile community, you may want to bookmark the aggregator output page or subscribe to the RSS feed

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