Sunday, April 8, 2007

Online Library for free video-based lessons, tutorials, lectures and how-to's.

SuTree is based on the following premises:

1. It is usually easier to learn something by watching a lesson then by reading texts.
2. The internet is full of free stuff - including quality video lessons on almost any subject.
3. Using search engines to find quality free video-lessons can be difficult and frustrating.
4. A community that collaborates and shares knowledge is smarter and more powerful than any editor, robot or algorithm.
5. In the age of information, knowledge should be: free, available to all, accurate and communicative.
6. Each and every one of us starts learning when he/she is a baby and never stops: continuous learning is part of being human.
7. They don't always know an expert or a teacher that can give us the practical advice or teach us what we need to learn.

These premises are the roots of SuTree - an online index and library for free video-based lessons, tutorials, lectures and how-to's.

Feel free to use SuTree to learn everything: how to fix stuff at home, how to solve math problems, how to improve your golf or basketball skills, how to prepare quality recipes, how to speak foreign languages, how to maintain you car, how to choose your next holiday destination . or anything else you'd like to know.

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