Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So What can You Teach on WiZiQ?

WiZiQ is now available to teachers and students for online tutoring and e-learning. Tutors can sign up free and make money online by teaching their subject of expertise. Students will be able to easily find a tutor, even in their local area by searching for teachers on the desired subject on WiZiQ.

WiZiQ is a web 2.0 online education platform, which empowers teachers to break the barrier of distance. Tutors can globally connect to students who want to learn online, from the comfort of their homes; students can learn and tutors can teach online from anywhere.
A tutor profile on WiZiQ shows teaching and training experience, education, subjects and levels of expertise, time zones and hours of availability, charges for teaching per hour, and teaching preferences. Teachers can also offer free trial sessions if they so desire.

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Tamas said...

Here it is two video where you can find out more about wiziq.