Monday, May 14, 2007

Cebase -- The web-powered database that makes it easy to track your data and share it with others.

When it comes to entering data, nothing beats the freeform style of those little rows and columns. But when it comes to passing that data around for approval and updates, things get bad fast.

That's why they developed Cebase. It has all of the ease of using a spreadsheet, all of the power of a high-end database application, and none of the complexity.

Create Applications

Create powerful database applications with a few clicks of your mouse. No technical skills required!

Explore Your Data
Slice, dice and analyze your data and then display it any way you want to. No technical skills required!

Share Your Data
This powerful collaborative tool makes it easy to share data with anyone, anywhere, any time.

Design Forms
Quickly and easily build powerful and attractive data entry forms using the built-in WYSIWYG form designer. No technical skills required!

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