Monday, May 14, 2007

p2p web search.

PeerRank is a newly developed ranking algorithm. FAROO takes the user behavior when viewing a page into consideration for ranking. This is done automatically, without requiring a manual rating from the user. Thus for the first time the user as audience of a page also decides about its ranking. With previous ranking methods only the site owners determined the page rank, which were based on the linking of web pages among each other

Putting the ranking on a much wider base leads to a democratized, user centric ranking, while resistant against manipulation. For the first time the users decide themselves, which results are most important. In the respect this is a kind of social search, but omitting the existing drawbacks. Not only people known to the user are involved into the ranking, but all FAROO users. No registration is required, and no user profile or search history is stored at a central server.


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Share NT

Anonymous said...

Too bad Faroo (just like all the other search engines) submits the user's queries to a central point - try out Peer Search for a real distributed search engine :)