Friday, February 16, 2007 enables you to maximize your AdSense revenue with minimal effort.

AdsBackList is a unique, one of a kind websites more like an extension to your Adsense account but not affiliated with Google, Inc. Connection between ABL and Google Adsense is that tiny little window called "Competitive Filter List". Consider it as your battle station, and ABL as your high-tech weapon from the future. Our mission at ABL is to sound a wakeup call for all Adsense publishers, to give you a state of the art tool which connects you to thousands of other publishers with one common goal: find, report and block MFA ads!

This website is dedicated to Google Adsense Publishers, and to all those who want to become one. To find out how can ABL help you, please read on.

Adsense used to be a very clean way to make money online while doing what you like (managing your blog or website), but then, out of nowhere, Made for Adsense sites started massive advertising campaigns using our adsense accounts. When we say massive, we really mean it because Adsense is kind of turning into Wallstreet's Stock Market, where it's all about ROI (Return of Investment).

If you're not familiar with term MFA (Made for Adsense), the shortest explanation is this: it's a website with content that is primarily made of adsense ads, or any other advertisement system. So you might ask yourself, what does this have to do with me? Well, these webmasters pay loads of money to advertise their MFA sites on Google Adwords which then serves their contextual ads on your own website(s) through Adsense program.

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