Friday, February 16, 2007

Vertica intoduces a new-fastest Database technology

Co-founded in 2005 by database research and technology pioneer Dr. Michael Stonebraker and serial entrepreneur Andy Palmer, Vertica has developed a new column-oriented database designed from the ground up to provide blinding performance in query-oriented analytical environments involving hundreds of gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes of data where end-user requirements change rapidly.

The Vertica Database gives more people the freedom to answer more questions faster.

The column-oriented, grid-enabled Vertica Database offers unmatched performance, scalability and flexibility for real-time, read-intensive analytical applications in financial services, telecommunications, retail, Internet, and government.

Compared with other database management solutions, the Vertica Database
Executes queries 100x faster than traditional row-oriented RDBMS
Runs on clusters and grids of inexpensive Linux hardware
Is 20x faster and 70% less expensive than data warehousing appliances
Requires up to 90% less table storage space than traditional RDBMS
Has dramatically lower administrative overhead

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