Friday, February 16, 2007

You Build Your Own Online Database Software with Nenest Web Application

Nenest Form Server is built on Nenest Web Application Framework, which enables users to easily build online forms, then use them to collect information, organize, store and display data.
Nenest Form Server creates many unique features:

Building form is easy - It is just like writing Word documents.
Filling form is smart - It automatically performs data validation.
All kinds of form templates
Pre-programmed controls for input fields, such as Email, Address, Phone Number, Credit Card, Picture, Table Editor, Rich Text Editor etc.
Rich text editor - The form can be composed of complex document including pictures, tables, formatted words.

File Attachment - Files can be attached to forms.
Email notification - Email can be sent to receipts when new entries are stored.
Customizable entry lists - You can choose what fields to be shown.
Full-text search.
Seach by fields.
Search shortcuts.
Page shortcuts.
Integrating with your website - You are able to use IFRAME tag to embed forms, entry list, enry view in web pages on your

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