Saturday, February 17, 2007

stocktickr : a collaborative web site that promotes information sharing about stocks.

stocktickr is a collaborative web site that promotes information sharing about stocks. We like to call it "social trading". You add stocks to your stocktickr and assign tags to each stock. Unlike other portfolio trackers on the web, stocktickr captures the current price as you add a stock. When you go back to view the stocks your tracking, you see when you added it, what tags you used, any comments you added, and the price when you added it.

As you add stocks to your stocktickr, your performance is automatically tracked. You can view your performance by stock or by tag. You can also view reports across all of stocktickr. For example, you can view the most profitable stocktickr users or the most profitable tags across the entire site.

When you add a stock to stocktickr, you are presented with the most popular tags that other users have used on the stock and the most popular overall tags on stocktickr. Just click the tag name to add or remove it from your tag field. Concentrate on coming up with a small number of tags per stock.

Each page has its own RSS feed. Let's say you want to follow any stocks that get tagged with "greatearnings" or "lowpe". At the bottom of those pages you'll see an orange RSS icon that is linked to the RSS page for those results. You can add that RSS link to your favorite news reader (we use Bloglines) and track activity on that tag.

The stocktickr pro subscription offers this as well as a ton of other features that will help you be a better trader.

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