Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tall Street : a Web Directory where you control the results.

Tall Street is a Social Recommendation Engine. That is a Web Directory where you control the results.

What does this mean? When searching our directory if you find useful results you can give them a 5/5 rating. Alternatively if you see results that don't belong then give them a 1/5 rating. These ratings help us to promote good sites, and remove spam.
Membership is instant and free. Anyone can sign up.

It doesn't take money, or having a search engine optimized site to get a good ranking in Tall Street. You just need to be able to inspire your users to make investments in you.

Tall Street wants to change the way you search for websites and allow everyone to see what are quality websites. At Tall Street we think any website should have a fair shot at getting a good ranking. There are millions of quality websites that never get to be seen, this is the opportunity those websites can achieve the success they deserve.

What tips do you have to succeed on Tall Street?

* Invest in quality sites. Find sites that people are likely to rate 5/5.
* Once a day you will get ¢1000 if you keep your balance below ¢1000, so come back every day and invest your balance.
* Invest in a wide range of sites.
* If you own the site you are investing put a link back to, every click you refer through helps increase its ranking.

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