Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Companies post jobs on your site, you get paid.

JobCoin has everything needed to build a quality job board and it's free to start! It's easy to set up, easy for job seekers and employers to use.

The advantage of a job board over traditional advertising, is that a job board can offer a tremendous amount of value for your visitors. You can have a job board in addition to traditional ads. Running a successful site is about trying new things and listening to your audience to see how they respond.

Posting a job on your site is a great way for companies to reach talent that would otherwise be very difficult to reach.

Some sites have made over $75,000 of revenue from their job board in the first month, but sites like this get 500,000+ visitors per month and cater to working professionals. Other sites have made an extra $100 per month. If you receive at least 2000 visitors per day and can think of companies who may want to hire your readers, give it a try. It's free and you'll learn very quickly if it works or not.

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