Monday, March 26, 2007

An easy way to create, manage, share, publish your collections.

Mockatoo aims to be an online service to manage structured data and a lot beyond that. Currently you are experiencing the first beta version of Mockatoo, which offers the most basic features of the eventual product. In this sense it is actually no more than a sneak preview of what Mockatoo will bring in the future.

This version enables you to create, manage and share simple data collections. When creating a data set (collection) you can define the fields on the set yourselves. This way Mockatoo can be used for a broad variety of data. For example someone who collects stamps could use Mockatoo to administer his stamp collection. But also small organizations might want to use Mockatoo to keep track of important data and be able to share it through internet and be able to access their data any time, any place, everywhere.

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