Thursday, March 8, 2007

tracking your email with only suffix .

Confirmeo is a registered email service which proposes a relay system and setting on messages standby. After reading of the email on Confirmeo by the recipient, the email is conveyed normally in its inbox. An notification of reading is automatically sent to the sender as of the email opening : it is the simple concept of the registered email.

Sender write an email with the extension to the email recipient address,
- Confirmeo takes delivery of the email and puts on standby,
- An notification informs the recipient who an email is on standby on the Confirmeo server,
- While connecting on Confirmeo, the recipient opens the email which is automatically rebooked on its account,
- an notification informs the sender of the message reading

- Notification to sender of email reception on Confirmeo server
- Notification to sender of email subject opening by the receipt
- Possibility to hiding subject and identity of sender until opening of email
- Follow-up in real time of the email state
- 5 Mo of attached files
- Multi-language website

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